Why would I need events insurance?

It’s commonplace to host many social and fundraising events for a business as it’s the best way to raise awareness of your brand, but you should always be properly insured against any potential risk or claims made against you. 

Alan & Thomas have vast experience finding only the highest quality events insurance policies in Dorset and Hampshire. Events insurance covers all cancellation, abandonment and delay costs which could be very damaging to your organisation. Our experts will find bespoke events insurance policies that are perfectly suited to your needs, as no two events are the same we’ll ensure you receive flexible and cost-effective protection.

Are you interested in events insurance for your small business? Contact a member of our team on 01202 754900 to discuss your requirements.

Similar events insurance policies 

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance is essential to protect your team if they ever suffered a serious injury or fatality at work. Personal accident insurance helps you in the costs of bills or other expenses to the employee or their family. The insurance does not cover sickness or mental health absences.

Goods in transit insurance

Goods in transit insurance is recommended if you’re responsible for the transit of technology, furniture, or goods that are needed for your event. Goods in transit insurance will protect you against damages, loss, or theft to your possessions while in transit in your own vehicle or a third party carrier.

Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance will protect your business against allegations of bad advice or services to a customer, including loss of goods or money that you’re responsible for. During events, you’re required to network and socialise with lots of different people if someone took your professional advice and it went badly there might be a risk of a claim.