Why more mums are choosing to do their grocery shopping online

Why mums are grocery shopping online to make their lives easier.

Over four in ten mums have opted to do their grocery shopping online over the last twelve months, according to new research conducted by research agency ‘Talk to Mums’. Mums are thought to account for more than 70% of all household spending which represents £205BN in sales.

The survey quizzed 2500 mothers over their shopping habits and 32% admitted that they had increased their online spend with 9% commenting that they had increased their spend ‘a lot’.

Around 62% of mothers surveyed reported that they buy their groceries in-store with 38% confirming that they undertake their shopping online.

There were some interesting geographical results which showed that mothers in the South East were more likely to do their shopping online (63%) in comparison to mums in the Yorkshire region where only 32% chose to do their grocery shopping online.

The survey also showed that there is a generational gap with almost half of 30-39 year olds opting to do their grocery shopping online whilst the majority of 50-59 year olds surveyed chose to shop in-store instead.

Founder of ‘Talk to Mums’ Sally Durcan said she does expect online grocery shopping to continue to grow as ‘These mums are boot-strapped for time – in terms of travel, household management, childcare management, bill payment, food preparation, work and more’.

The finding of this survey gives insight as to how and why mums tend to be fairly habitual shoppers, in particular around food and beverage products.

In a different survey from ‘This is Mint’ it reported that mums use their phone most frequently when shopping in supermarkets (43%) and this is to check and compare prices. It also reported that 40% of mothers use their food when shopping in baby speciality shops and 32% used their phones in mass merchandisers too.