Why is bar insurance so important?

From the landlord to customers – bars carry risk for everybody involved. Without sufficient bar insurance cover in place, the cost of covering a claim could come at the expense of your business.

Our insurance advisors at Alan & Thomas can source bespoke bar insurance cover, so even if your bar is forced to temporarily close, you’ll be fully protected. Contact our team today on 01202 754900 to find out more.

What bar insurance cover do I need?

Legal Liability Insurance is essential for a liquor establishment. This type of bar insurance covers your business against claims made by third parties for bodily injury or property damage sustained on your premises. An example is a claim made by a customer who slipped and fell on the floor of your bar, with bar insurance, the costs associated with this claim would be paid for by your insurer.

Property Damage Insurance

Every bar owner should have some form of Property Damage Insurance. This type of bar insurance will protect losses resulting from physical damage (including theft) to a property you own, for example, if your bar was flooded and you needed to replace items of furniture and equipment. Bar insurance also covers your business against compensation claims as a result of your business causing damage to the property of others.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Bar owners rely heavily on drinks equipment in order to serve their customers, therefore Equipment Breakdown Insurance is crucial in order to keep things running smoothly. If a power surge or mechanical failure cause equipment to fail, this can affect your sales and even your ability to stay open. For example, if you own a dance club and the sound system stops operating, you may need to temporarily close the dance floor until repairs can be made. This type of bar insurance will compensate you for repair fees as well as loss of income.