What Village Halls Insurance do I need?

Finding the right village halls insurance that suits your various needs can be a challenge, especially if you have a committee. Where there’s responsibility, there’s potentially a legal liability in your organisation.

At Alan & Thomas, we can source bespoke village halls insurance policies that will ensure your village hall is properly insured for all eventualities. Contact us today to find out more on 01202 754900.

Public Liability Insurance

Since village halls play an important part in many communities, Public Liability Insurance is essential. Legal liability compensates people and organisations suffering loss or injury, as a result of your committee’s negligence. For example, a visitor to the village hall trips on a protruding floor tile and breaks their arm. This type of village halls insurance would protect your organisation against claims, and your insurer would pay the associated legal costs if the claimant was successful.

Property Damage Insurance

If you are tasked with arranging insurance for your village hall, you have a responsibility to make sure that the property is insured for its correct value. Property Damage Insurance protects your village hall and its contents from a variety of risks including fire, flood, damage and theft. For example, you would be covered if your village hall was flooded. This type of village halls insurance would replace items and help restore your hall to how it was before the accident.

Interruption Cover Insurance

Village halls serve multiple functions and if a disruption stops you from using your village hall, Interruption Cover Insurance would protect you from losing business or revenue. For example, a flood has meant that you had to rent out a temporary building, purchase new equipment or cancel activities. Village halls insurance would cover your organisation for additional expenses following an interruption to your hall’s activities and would compensate you in these areas.