What is Asset Insurance

Do I need Asset Insurance?

Standard insurance policies often don’t provide sufficient cover for your assets or high-value items. Asset insurance is catered specifically for those with higher value items and ensures that you are properly covered should you ever need it.

Alan & Thomas can source bespoke asset insurance policies and our team can advise you on an insurance programme that's exclusive to you. Contact us today on 01202 754900 to find out more.

Aircraft Insurance

If you own an aircraft of any type, you will need Aircraft Insurance. This includes cover for accidental loss and damage, third party cover, as well as passenger and cargo liabilities. Regardless of the type of cover, you need; our asset insurance will cover you should you ever need it.

Antiques & Collectables Insurance

When you have invested time and money into collecting antiques and collectables, you will want peace of mind that your collections are properly protected. Asset insurance can provide cover for antiques - including valuable stamps!

Equine Horse Insurance

Owning a horse is a big investment, from the initial outlay to ongoing costs of veterinary bills. As no two horses are the same, ensure that you have a bespoke asset insurance policy in place that fully covers you and your horse.

Fine Art Insurance

Whether you own a single painting or a collection, you will want assurance that your prized possessions are protected. Fine Art Insurance can cover you for a range of art collectables from paintings to doll collections. Our asset insurance brokers will secure you the right cover.

Jewellery & Watches Insurance

Jewellery is usually one of the most valuable items in the home and should be insured. This type of asset insurance policy would make you reassured that your valuable jewellery and watches are covered in the event of a loss or theft.

Prestige Car Insurance

Whichever prestige car you own, Prestige Car Insurance will protect you against all eventualities. Asset insurance can be designed to suit your requirements, and if you own two or more vehicles, we can arrange a custom family fleet insurance policy.

Supercar Insurance

Supercars are fast and very expensive, so ensuring that you have appropriate Supercars Insurance in place is vital. Asset insurance would cover you should the worst happen.

Yacht & Motorboat Insurance

Regardless of how often you use your boat, acquiring the right Yacht and Motorboat insurance is essential. This type of asset insurance would cover you in the event of an accident, theft or other incident.