What Is A Chartered Insurance Broker?


At Alan & Thomas, we are proud to be a chartered insurance broker. It is a symbol of our dedication to giving reliable and professional service to our customers. We always make sure you are getting the best cover without paying over the odds. But why does being chartered make us different? And what is a chartered insurance broker?

How is Chartered Status Awarded?

Chartered status is awarded by the CII (the Chartered Insurance Institute) to firms that demonstrate that they align with the institute’s values and are dedicated to giving professionalism and quality insurance service. Insurance brokers have to meet certain standards in order to qualify. This includes committing to upholding comprehensive core values and dedication to professional development. As a result, our staff are continuously developing, enhancing their knowledge and capabilities to ensure we can give our clients the very best advice. The title of chartered insurance broker is awarded when the CII’s standards have been met and that this acts as a public declaration by the firm of commitment to professional standards.

As independent insurance brokers, it’s important to us that we can give you the best service regardless of your circumstance or industry. To be chartered, a percentage of your board must be a individually chartered insurance brokers which demonstrates that the leaders of the business are themselves signed up are committed to upholding the highest standards in the industry and instilling this in the rest of the business. At Alan & Thomas, we fit all of this criterion and more. So, you can be reassured that you have the expert help on your side. In fact, it is part of our ethos to do what we can to help build trust in our profession.

Why Should I Choose A Chartered Insurance Broker?

Choosing an independent insurance broker is a great way to make sure that you have access to a variety of insurance policies but most importantly, quality advice to help get you what you’re looking for. It’s not uncommon for insurance brokers to have access to special rates or policies with additional enhancements to what you may find online, and they also come with added reassurance from a professional insurance broker that you aren’t missing something. By choosing a chartered insurance broker you not only on the right track to finding the best policies for you, but are also guaranteed first-class customer service and quality. As the standards bar is set by the CII, brokers have to keep hitting the highest standards levels in the industry in order to keep their status. This is part of the reason why we are always working to improve and stay ahead. We pride ourselves on giving you the service you expect and more when looking for private client and commercial insurance.

A firm that is accredited has shown that they are committed to the best outcomes and are helping drive the insurance industry forwards. Not only do we give expert advice when you take out a policy, but we will also support you throughout the duration of your policy term and any claims that may occur. This means we can even assist you with other aspects of your business, such as risk management. We appreciate that the arranging of insurance can be a little overwhelming and even confusing, let alone should you need to make a claim, so we can reassure you that you’ll always have an actual person to speak to should you want it. We are always here to help.

As independent insurance brokers, we offer a wide range of personal and commercial insurance policies. Regardless of if you need manufacturing insurance, or someone to cover your yacht, our team of chartered insurance brokers will give you the professional service you require. To contact us and speak to an advisor, call 01202 754 900. You can alternatively email info@alan-thomas.co.uk with any enquiries you may have.