What can small business owners do to prevent tool theft?

When it comes to protecting your tools, prevention is always better than cure. As a small business owner, it is likely that you rely on your tools to complete your daily work and provide services to your customers. 

In the event that your tools are stolen, there are a number of things that you can do, but what can be done to prevent such upheaval to your business and keep money coming in?

Our team of small business insurance specialists have put together a list of top tips to keep your tools safe and prevent theft.

Sensible storage
It may sound simple, but the way you store your tools could be the difference between them being stolen and them being safe where you left them when you return to work in the morning. The harder it is for thieves to access your tools, the less likely they are to steal them, so be sure to take them inside and away from your van at night, or lock them away in a secure garage.

Check your business insurance
As a part of your business insurance, it is crucial that your tools are also protected. Without your tools, it is likely that you won’t be able to continue with day-to-day business. By ensuring that you have the correct insurance policies in place, your business will be protected against tool theft as well as a number of other possible threats.

Mark your tools
By leaving a mark on your tools, for example, a non-removable colour stamp or an etching on a handle, it will be easier for your stolen goods to be identified in the event that they are stolen and could even potentially deter thieves from taking them in the first place.