Visa and Save the Children unveil the world’s first contactless Christmas jumper

Visa and Save the Children have collaborated on an innovative new Christmas jumper in time for the charity’s Christmas Jumper Day.

The garment, dubbed the "Contactless Christmas jumper", comes with a contactless pad on the sleeve which, when tapped with a contactless card, donates £2 to Save the Children. The jumpers are in use at 16 London tube stations today, where fundraisers wearing them are encouraging commuters to donate via the contactless pad.

These days, 60% of Visa transactions that are made face to face are conducted via contactless and Save The Children’s underground initiative is certainly targeted at a big market for contactless card users. In September 2014, Transport for London adopted contactless on the Tube, and on December 18th 2015, a record 1.24 million journeys were completed on the underground using contactless cards.

Save The Children says that £2 donation could “help pay for a blanket and hat to keep a new-born baby warm. Or buy antibiotics to treat children suffering from pneumonia, one of the biggest killers of children”.

As well as the contactless jumper, Save The Children launched two pop-up shops at Kings Cross and Canary Wharf tube stations, selling vintage Christmas jumpers for £10 each, along with tree decorations, cards and wrapping paper.