Today is International Day of Charity!

Wednesday the 5th of September marks the International Day of Charity! The day was first declared in 2012 to raise awareness, and provide a platform for charities to get their mission across to new and existing supporters. On this day many charities across the globe show their thanks and sing praises for the support they have received, whilst also emphasising the difference that people’s continued support makes to their establishment.

International Day of Charity celebrates many achievements throughout the years, but it is important to show how important donations and support are for your charity continuously - not just once a year. We discuss how to encourage your charity supporters to be spreading the message, to reach as many people and potential volunteers as possible.

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How to encourage your charity’s supporters

Facebook Fundraisers

A new feature Facebook has launched is Charitable Giving Tools, where members can set up fundraising groups to raise money for a charity, through donations by the Facebook user’s online friends. This feature helps to encourage people online to support their local or favourite charities across the globe. Charities can take advantage of the feature for their existing supporters as Facebook users are prompted to start a fundraiser on their birthday for a charity of their choice. Encourage your volunteers to spread the word about Facebook fundraising and you’re sure to spread awareness for your charity.

Make Online Groups

Many people join groups online to feel a part of a community in something they’re interested in. Another popular feature on Facebook is Groups; many charities have their own group that volunteers and supporters are a part of to know first-hand about any upcoming events and make friends with other people in the community. The best thing about these online groups is that they require little management, as many group members are so passionate about increasing support, fundraising and donations themselves just because of their passion for the charitable cause.


$274 million (£211,981,470) was raised in 24 hours on the 27th of November 2017, thanks to the global online movement #GivingTuesday. The movement was created by Charities Aid Foundation, and it involved hundreds of charities signing up to partake each year commencing on the 27th of November. Twitter and Facebook users show their support and donate on this day, whilst spreading the message of the charity through the hashtag #GivingTuesday. Last year Facebook matched up to £200,000 in donations to UK charities on Giving Tuesday, so it’s worth looking into for our charity clients.