Stonehenge celebrates 100 years of public ownership

The world heritage site, Stonehenge, celebrated 100 years since it was gifted to the nation with the recreation of old photographs, a full-size bouncy castle and giant cake replica.

Stonehenge in Wiltshire was previously owned by Cecil Chubb, who bought a plot of land in an auction in 1915 which included the monument.

Three years later, the local barrister decided to donate the land to the government, handing over the stones on 26th October 1918.

To mark the occasion, English Heritage invited several people to return to the landmark to recreate the photos they had taken decades ago.

The visitors were given special access to take “then and now” photographs in Stonehenge and hope to inspire others to look back through their photo albums to share their memories.

Thousands of people came to celebrate the occasion, activities included a life-size inflatable version of the site and a 6ft wide cake replica that was cut into 2,300 slices.

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