Prepare for your Christmas getaway

Our insurance team guide you through what to check before you leave the country

Christmas is a stressful time many: combine that with going away, and you could have a recipe for worry, but by going through your insurance plans and double-checking exactly what you’re covered for before you leave, you can at least alleviate some of that stress. Read on for our insurance experts’ top tips when it comes to preparing for your Christmas getaway.

Travel insurance

You can’t plan for every eventuality when you travel abroad; getting ill overseas or losing your luggage are all a too commonplace for holidaymakers at any time of year but checking your policy before you depart is essential for having a stress-free trip. At Alan & Thomas, we offer insurance for single or multiple trips and can provide cover whatever your travel needs.

Holiday home insurance

Having the perfect holiday home insurance is vital. By tailoring holiday home insurance to you, our team can reassure you for every possible eventuality and make sure that you are covered. Often, second homes can be neglected in favour of main residences when it comes to the finer details of a policy, so make sure to go through yours with a fine-tooth comb before a trip.

Home insurance

Whilst you’re away, it’s natural to worry about what’s going on back at home. Going over your home insurance is a simple but extremely efficient way to ease your mind. We insure all kinds of properties and will carry out a full review of your home insurance plan with no obligation.