Oxfam sees highest Christmas sales in five years

Sales growth at charity shops run by Oxfam has hit a five-year peak over the recent Christmas period. The charity was able to raise an astounding £1.7 million of extra sales, which will help to continue their efforts and vital work undertaken each year to put an end to extreme poverty.

Year-on-year Oxfam sales in November and December increased by 10%, with a 9% boost in gifts such as providing safe water to small communities. This growth was seen largely in the sales of donated men's clothing (which was up by 16%), closely followed by women's clothing (increased by 20%) and accessories (up by 13%).

As well as an increased interest in fashion items, there was also a strong demand for ethically sourced new products, as well as a 9% increase in sales of virtual gifts from the charity's gift range, Oxfam Unwrapped. "Virtual" gifts include paying for services such as providing safe drinking water for small communities, or even beekeeping training for those in developing countries.

Oxfam is supported by a large workforce of over 22,000 volunteers and has more than 650 shops across the UK. With the launch of its very own online shop in 2007, Oxfam is one of the leading charity's working to put an end to extreme poverty for good.