Our top tips for any tradesmen working throughout Spring

With colder weather in full swing and the dark days still with us, tradesmen face a real challenge when it comes to certain seasonal risks. Here are some top tips for tradesmen working in Spring.

Wear appropriate clothing

With lower temperatures and a lack of sunshine, wearing the right clothes at work is absolutely crucial to stay warm. Look to grab some seasonal bargains in online sales, especially when it comes to waterproof jackets, trousers and thermals. Also, invest in a good pair of work boots that have excellent tread for wet and icy surfaces. Don't forget your high visibility vest too if you're working outside after dark.

Adjust your working pattern

With dark evenings rolling in very early, it might make sense for you to start work earlier and therefore leave earlier. When you're estimating a timescale for projects, don't forget to take the shorter days into consideration if you need daylight to work efficiently. Spring also brings about its fair share of bad weather, so remember to include that too. Also, plan to work inside through the darker months if possible and save any outside work for later in the year when the days are longer and the weather is better.

Down tools in bad weather

If you're trying to get work done in the dark in the pouring rain and gusty winds, it might be worth stopping. It can be frustrating, especially if you're desperate to get a project over the line, but sometimes the risks outweigh the rewards. This approach is especially important if you work at height or with any dangerous equipment. If you do insist on continuing, work slower and more carefully to ensure ongoing safety at all times.

Get the relevant insurances

Higher risks are inevitable throughout winter and into spring, so making sure you have the right tradesman insurance in place is vital. If the worst does happen, it is this insurance that can get you back up and running quickly. The key policies to consider include public liability insurance, tools insurance, personal accident cover and employers' liability insurance to name a few.

If you're a tradesman working this spring, why not speak to one of our advisors for a review of your insurances - just call 01202 754900 today.