Our tips for hospitality establishments getting in the Christmas spirit

Insurance experts share their picks for a classy Christmas

Any business can get in the Christmas spirit easily and affordably. Making a little more of an effort to feel more Christmassy can help to draw more customers through the door, but it can also improve the experience of those already there: read on to find out our insurance experts' ideas for a very merry Christmas in your establishment.


You’ve probably thought to put a Christmas tree of some sort up in your pub, café, restaurant or coffee shop, but that can only be the start of your decorations. Fake snow in the windows can help convey a wintery scene, as can fairy lights and hanging decorations, which still add to the overall ambience.


Whilst you probably have background music in your establishment, playing summery tunes in the middle of winter can feel a bit odd and inauthentic. You don’t need to go full Christmas either: just something a little more suited to the season can enhance the mood and get your punters in the Christmas spirit.

A lot of restaurants and pubs will go all out, but not everywhere can offer a full turkey dinner around Christmas. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get in the spirit though: coffee shops can still offer stuffing sandwiches and wine bars can still offer mulled wine. These are just subtle ways that you can create a short-term buzz about your business in the winter months.

Be charitable

As well as being a time to spend with loved ones, Christmas is a time to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. Leaving donation tins at your reception or bar dedicated to helping those who especially need our help over winter, such as the homeless, can reflect well on your business as well as being a kind thing to do.