Norway's first electric aircraft will be flying today

Historic day for the aviation industry

The first electric aircraft built in Norway is set to fly this week, a revolutionary first step in producing more environmentally friendly travel aircrafts across the world. The Minister for Transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, will be on board the electric aircraft to prove it’s durability and extensive progress in the transport industry. 

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Norway is one of Tesla’s biggest markets, with 8500 Tesla cars sold in 2017. As Norway has proven to be one of the most environmentally conscious countries, it’s not surprising that they’ve become one of the first places to test flying an electric plane. If successful, they would become a world leader in electric aviation and hope that all domestic flights in the country will be electric by the year 2040.

The plane itself only has a capacity for two people with a two-hour charging time, the aim of the flight is to demonstrate that it is possible to fly on electricity. “Unnecessary flights contribute to damaging the world’s climate through enormous carbon dioxide emissions,” state Anja Bakken Riise, an environmentalist from NGO Future in Our Hands.

“The aviation industry must learn from Norwegian electric car policies. Norway has been a leading country for electric cars because the government has used all its resources. The same thing must apply for electric aircraft”. Electric planes could be the change we need as a society to make a real change in cutting emissions. There are approximately 100,000 flights globally every single day, if they were all electric this would drastically affect global warming and protect our natural environments.