Managing stress in the workplace

As a small business owner it is likely you are always on the lookout for ways to improve morale within your team to help keep the business working at full capacity. 

Managing stress within the workplace is one of the first steps business owners can take to keep productivity levels high and ensure your staff stay motivated.

Mind’s head of workplace wellbeing and mental health, Emma Mamo says: “Things like working long hours, excessive workload, and poor relationships with colleagues can lead to unmanageable stress…Prolonged unmanageable stress can lead to health problems like depression or anxiety.”

As a small business owner, what can you do to help?


As the leader of your team, it is important that you communicate with each member of staff on an individual basis to ensure that they have the opportunity to raise any concerns with you that they might have.

Protect your business
In the event of an incident such as fire or flood, stress is likely to be abundant. Help your team work together to keep your business moving by making sure it is covered by the correct business insurance policy.

Encourage exercise
Mental and physical health are very much linked. By looking after your team’s fitness, their stress levels will likely drop too. Why not initiate a ‘walk to work’ incentive or a weekly staff gym visit?