London Blue Plaques App – Do you have it?

The London blue plaques are famous for linking famous and influential individuals of the past to buildings still in use today, pinpointing them to the passer’s by and celebrating the lives of those who lived or worked in the buildings decorated with a blue plaque.

First started in 1866, the London blue plaques scheme is thought to be the oldest of its kind in the world and one that attracts vast attention from tourists worldwide.

Across London, there are over 900 plaques displayed on buildings, places of work and homes of famous individuals from centuries ago to the present day.

A year ago last month, the London Blue Plaques app was launched to celebrate 150 years of the blue plaque and to help people locate the blue plaques and provide a little more information about the famous previous and present inhabitants of the buildings. The app outlines to users’ various routes to walk around London that will allow them to see as many blue plaques as possible.

The app is available for download for Apple and Android devices – Have you downloaded it yet?

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