Is Hairdressers Insurance a legal requirement?

If you are setting up a hairdressing business, you may be wondering if hairdressers insurance is a legal requirement. If you are opening a salon, then chances are you are going to need hairdressers insurance.

Opening a salon can pose many risks; flood or fire damage, burglary and theft, accidents within the salon, gas, electric and water cut off. Even hairdressing treatments that have gone wrong. We recommend three main hairdressers insurance policies:

Legal Liability Insurance

Legal Liability Insurance protects your salon from potential compensation claims that follow from negligence brought against you by employees, clients, or members of the public. With health and safety regulations becoming increasingly strict, it is more important than ever to ensure your salon is protected against claims should anything occur. If your salon has employees, Employer’s Liability Insurance is a legal requirement.


Property Damage Insurance

Property Damage Insurance will cover your salon against any compensation claims that have been caused by damage to the property of others. For example, if one of your hairdressers visits a client’s house and spills hair dye on their furniture or carpet. This type of hairdressers insurance policy would pay for any repairs or replacements and any legal costs involved if the claim were severe.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

As a salon, you will rely heavily on equipment, from hair straighteners and hairdryers to hot water. Equipment Breakdown Insurance would cover you in an event that your salon’s equipment should ever malfunction. This type of hairdressers insurance policy would cover you against losses of revenue until your salon is back up and running.