Insurance policies you need for your retail coffee shop

Have you recently opened your own retail coffee shop? Or are you just browsing the market for insurance policies that your store would benefit from? At Alan and Thomas, we have a variety of different insurance policies that suit particular industries and retail stores. We recommend three main insurance policies for coffee shops that include legal liability, property damage, and equipment breakdown insurance.

Different types of insurance 

Legal Liability Insurance

By having legal liability insurance for your coffee shop you are protecting your business’s reputation if a claim was made against you involving negligence from your employees, or members of the public. As the nature of your retail store deals with members of the public on a daily basis, accidents are likely to occur involving your team. Spillages of hot drinks, a mistake made in a food order, the use of a wrong ingredient that someone could be allergic to could all be possible within a coffee shop environment.

Property Damage Insurance

As your coffee shop is a part of a building, you will need property damage insurance that protects your livelihood. The policy can protect your business against individual claims that could affect your liability, and from paying out for losses if your property is damaged. property insurance also covers buildings, general contents (including stock), computer equipment, tenant improvements and accidental damage including theft. Overall this insurance policy is important to have if your coffee shop is in a permanent building, you will be protected from a number of compensation claims and risks against your business.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

As your store relies on equipment, you will have more peace of mind with Equipment Breakdown insurance in the event your coffee machine ever malfunctions. The equipment your team use to make delicious coffees and food are essential to attracting customers, without it you’re not offering the service they are looking for. Protect your business against the unknown with equipment breakdown insurance, it will cover you against any losses of revenue until your coffee shop is running back to normal.