How can charities benefit from text messaging?

Charities are continuously looking for different ways to increase engagement with their target audience and potential donators. Finding the simplest, most effective way to do this, however, is often the trickiest part.

SMS messaging is one of the most popular methods of communication in recent times and boasts an extraordinary open rate when compared to email marketing. There are a number of ways charities can achieve great levels of engagement via text messaging, plus a variety of methods that can be used to maximise the positive effect.

Find out more about text messaging for the charity sector, and how you could boost your organisation's donation and engagement today.

Increase donations

Simple text-to-donate campaigns often see very high success rates as they offer the recipient an instant donation method which is quick and simple.
In order to check how effective text campaigns are in comparison to email marketing, The Humane Society split its fundraising equally between text message and emails and tested to see how many of each communication type was opened and engaged with. Following this experiment, it was found that those who received text messages were 77% more likely to donate.

Increase event attendees

For those looking to influence people to attend a charity event, there a few methods that promise higher success than a gentle text message reminder. Text messages have an exceptionally high open rate and are far more accessible to the recipient, making them appear more urgent.