Government's plans for investing in UK charities

A new Civil Society Strategy has been released by the UK Government, explaining their plans for building “stronger communities by bringing together businesses, charities and the public sector.” With recent study findings showing that there are currently over 11,000 charity retail stores in the UK, these plans to enrich and support the charity sector is promising news for many non-profit organisations across the nation.

The extra funding is bound to create more opportunities for charities in the animal welfare, housing, hospital, education, and social welfare sectors. The hopeful outcome of the Civil Society Strategy is to “grow Britain’s economy and boost productivity by building a more connected society, where everyone can play their part in a fairer, healthier and more prosperous country.”

The Civil Society Strategy includes: 

- Establishing an independent organisation that will distribute £90 million from dormant bank accounts to get disadvantaged young people into employment. This new organisation will harness the experience of grassroots youth workers, businesses, and other local services, to help young people achieve their full potential.

- Supporting charities to make their voices heard on issues that matter to them and ensuring that charitable trustees reflect the diversity of the society they serve.

- Strengthening Britain’s values of corporate responsibility through the launch of a major new Leadership Group, formed of senior figures from the business, investment and social sectors, to put social and environmental responsibility at the heart of company decisions.

- Using digital technology for good to improve the work charities can provide to support healthy ageing, bolster online safety and better connect people in an effort to tackle loneliness.


How to get more support for your local charity: 

Being open about donations

Keeping your charity supporters updated with how you use donations is a positive approach in making people feel they know your organisation and values. In a previous news post we discussed the Christmas appeals of two charities called Crisis and the RSPCA, they asked for donations of £26.08 to provide one homeless person three hot meals during the festive season. Be open with how you use people’s donations and you will build a trusting relationship with the people supporting you!

Give regular updates

The easiest way to update your charity’s supporters is through social media. Giving updates through posts or images about what your organisation is up to is going to create more positive awareness of your charity and active fundraisers. Your social posts don't have to be very detailed or long, just a quick check in with your supporters is going to create a continuous line of communication.