George Micheal's charitable donations come to light

On 25 December 2016, it was announced, to the shock of his fans, that George Michael had passed away aged just 53. 

Following his death, countless stories of the singer's charitable donations and generous giving were brought to light, donations which he had previously kept anonymous.

2016 was a year that will forever be known for its huge spate of celebrity deaths, including Carrie Fisher, Andrew Sachs, Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali, Prince and of course George Michael to name just a few.

Newspapers were the first to report the star's lifelong philanthropy, with social media posts from people he had helped following suit, outlining George Michael's good deeds.

Since his death, we have learned that George Michael had made donations to charities such as the Terrance Higgins Trust, Comic Relief, Help a London Child and Childline, each of at least five figures or more. He spent time volunteering and helping to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, homeless shelters and disaster relief funds and made gift donations to individuals of the public in order to aid their life. These gifts included giving a £5,000 tip to a student nurse who was in debt, and £15,000 to a Deal or No Deal contestant who was playing to win money for IVF treatment. Finally, it came to light that the singer provided a free concert for nurses at the Roundhouse in London, as a thank you for the care himself and his family had received over the years.