Farm Insurance policies all farmers should consider

Working in the agricultural sector can pose many challenges. We understand that no two farms are alike, but whatever the circumstances in your farm, we will ensure that you have the correct insurance cover in place.

From Equipment Breakdown to Livestock Insurance – farm insurance will give you complete protection and peace of mind, allowing you to get on with your job and continue earning money without interruptions.

Crop Insurance

Nature can be a powerful and strange force. As a farmer, your crops are perhaps the most valuable resource on your farm. If severe weather ruins your season’s work, you’ll be protected with this type of farm insurance.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

This farm insurance policy will cover you if any of the following were to break or fail to operate - tractors, harvesters, refrigeration units. Equipment Breakdown will help minimise the burden and enable you to claim money from your insurer to replace the equipment.

Environmental Liability Insurance

Environmental Liability Insurance covers claims for personal injury, damage to property, clean-up expenses, legal expenses or fines that have been incurred as a result of pollution. As a farm that relies on land and may handle farm chemicals, this farm insurance policy should be considered.

Goods in Transit

If your farm is involved in transporting goods or livestock, this farm insurance policy will ensure they are covered against loss or damage whilst in your vehicle or when sent by carrier. For example, if your livestock were in transit and the vehicle was involved in a crash, this farm insurance policy will reimburse you for your loss.

Livestock Insurance

Your livestock is one of your farm’s most important assets. Livestock Insurance protects against the risks to your livestock. This type of farm insurance policy provides cover for specified animals and herds as a result of loss, destruction, damage, death, injury, illness and disease.

Personal Accident

If you are covered by the Personal Accident policy and suffer an injury from an accident at work, this type of farm insurance cover will provide a financial payment to your farm. This can help aid your recovery or cover your absence.