Eyes to the skies! Bournemouth Air Festival 2018

Experience the UK's biggest air festival

The biggest aviation event, Bournemouth Air Festival, returns next week on Thursday 30th August – Sunday 2nd September.

There are fantastic things to see and do, but as aviation enthusiasts, we are most looking forward to seeing some of the world’s most powerful and agile aircraft. Here are some of the types of aircraft we can expect to see for the first time at this year’s Festival:

Breitling Jet Team

The Breitling Jet Team are Europe’s largest professional civilian jet display team, based in Dijon, France, and have not displayed at a UK air show for nearly 15 years, and never on the south coast of England.

Their fast and powerful aircraft represents precision, speed and daring skill – at times the aircraft is within 3 metres of each other at speeds of over 700km/h.

Super Pitts Muscle Plane

In an Air Festival first, pilot Rich Goodwin will be showcasing his Muscle Biplane Pitts S2S G-EWIZ. This daredevil routine will combine aerial manoeuvres and high energy muscle biplane aerobatics.

Team Raven

Formed 4 years ago, Team Raven is an aerobatic display team of five who will be performing for the first time at Bournemouth Air Festival.

Team Raven fly 6 self-build Vans RV piston engined monoplanes (1 RV4 and 5 RV8s). Two of the aircraft in this display team were built by team members themselves.