European Accident Statements

Some insurers are no longer issuing European Accident Forms but we think it’s an essential document to have with you if you are driving abroad.

We suggest that you have a read through the document before you leave so that you are familiar with it should you have an accident. If you have drivers working for you who travel abroad, we suggest that you make it compulsory for them to read this document before they are next due to travel and ensure that they take a supply of the forms with them.

If you do have an accident, we recommend that you or your driver completes the form with the third party, and once completed, both parties should take a photo of the document there and then. This will help should the form get changed without the other party knowing, so it is really important to take photos of the completed form along with any damage to the vehicles at the scene.  

These forms are binding documents and cannot be argued once complete so it’s important that you and your drivers complete them correctly and note comments in the remarks box should it be necessary. 

Download your soft copy HERE


European Accident Statements

We suggest printing and keeping a stock of these in your vehicles if you plan on driving abroad. 

Download Here