Do you have sufficient holiday home insurance cover this Christmas?

Whilst we all may want to be on holiday all the time, the truth is that there will be periods of time where your holiday home is left unoccupied.

This may be especially true during the Christmas period, where people want to spend time with their loved ones at home, or it’s simply too cold abroad to want to make the trip. However, this doesn’t mean that you can cut corners on your holiday home insurance this Christmas. We discuss why holiday homes, in particular, need a comprehensive insurance policy.

You’re absent for long periods of time

Unless you rent out your property constantly (which carries its own set of insurance requirements to consider), there will be periods of time where you won’t be there to keep an eye on your holiday home. Your absence makes your holiday home more vulnerable to potential break-ins, vandalism and that fact that nobody is on-hand to report a fire or flood means that it’ll likely suffer extra damage as nobody will call the correct services. If you don’t have good holiday home insurance cover, You could be faced with very costly claims further down the line, especially if your holiday home is in a high-risk area.

What if I rent out my holiday home?

Even if your holiday home is occupied for most of the year, there is still the chance of loss of rental income due to a sudden incident which renders your holiday home uninhabitable, like a burst pipe, fire or flood. If you are expected to house the people renting your holiday home elsewhere whilst a solution is found, this could cost you thousands in maintenance and rehousing costs. In addition, tenants themselves come with their own set of risks and a comprehensive holiday home insurance policy will help protect you against property or content damages done by your tenants.

We know that a holiday home is a massive investment, so it’s important that it’s looked after. We can provide bespoke holiday home insurance cover that will put your mind at ease. For more information, contact our expert team today at 01202 754900.