Different types of Property Insurance

If you are a business or organisation operating in the heritage sector, you will need heritage insurance cover.

Alan & Thomas have a vast knowledge of the heritage sector and our strong relationship with heritage insurers means we can provide comprehensive property insurance cover that's tailored to you. Contact us today to find out more on 01202 754911.

Antique Dealers Insurance

There are numerous insurance policies that should be considered as an antique dealer. Whether you own a shop, hire a cabinet, work from home or away at fairs and exhibitions, getting the right property insurance for your antiques should be tailored to your requirements. 

Art Gallery Insurance

Getting the right Art Gallery Insurance policy will depend on the valuation of your artwork collection. We can source bespoke property insurance that will provide cover for your art for when you exhibit at fairs, and even for theft and depreciation in value.

Auction House Insurance

As the owner of an auction house, you are liable for the stock in your care whether in your building, during transit or at fairs and exhibitions. Every day you face many risks, Auction House Insurance will ensure you are properly covered under property insurance.

Heritage Centre Insurance

Understanding the needs associated with your heritage organisation and the valuing of artefacts can be difficult. If you manage a heritage or visitor centre and have been tasked with finding high-quality Heritage Centre Insurance policies, property insurance will ensure you have the right cover.

Heritage Property/Historic Buildings Insurance

If you own a heritage property or historic building for commercial purposes, it’s important to have property insurance in place. Not only will this type of insurance give you peace of mind, but it will ensure you are covered for all possible situations.

Museum Insurance

Museum Insurance is much more than just having cover for your displays and premises. Property Insurance is ideal for independent, local authority, historic houses and contemporary museums that need to protect their assets as well as their staff.

Stately Home Insurance

As a stately home owner or manager, you can face many challenges in trying to insure your buildings, land and assets. We can provide you with sufficient property insurance that not only insures your assets and premises but covers you for if you should open your home to the public or host social or corporate events.

Theatre Insurance

If you have been assigned to organise insurance for a theatre, we can take the stress out of the entire process. Whether it’s a charity run theatre or a large multi-site chain, we can source property insurance policies that are suited to your needs.