Different types of Private Client Insurance

Which insurance policy would benefit you?

Insuring your assets is an important investment; sometimes situations arise that result in damage to your home or belongings and it’s best to be protected.

Private Client Insurance provides insurance solutions and risk management services for high net worth individuals, businesses, organisations and charities. See below for the different types of private client insurance available:

High Value Homes

With an increase in wealth comes an increase in property size and household contents, and sometimes it takes an incident at home for people to realise just how valuable their possessions are. Our private client insurance provides cover for all types of privately owned domestic properties.

Holiday and Second Homes

Having multiple properties can be a great investment but unless they are insured correctly, they could end up costing you thousands. Our holiday and second home insurance can include cover for building and contents, garden cover and cover for accidental damage.

Aircraft, Yacht and Motorboat Insurance

If you own an aircraft or marine craft of any type, our private client insurance experts offer advice and guidance, giving you the complete peace of mind that you are fully covered in the event of an accident, theft or other incident.

Fine Art Insurance

Whether you have a single painting or a collection, our private client insurance team will be able to help you secure the right fine art insurance cover, either as a stand-alone policy or as part of a high value home insurance policy.

Antiques and Collectable Insurance

When you’ve spent time and money creating a precious collection of antiques or other memorabilia, you’ll want peace of mind that your collection is properly protected should anything happen.

Jewellery and Watches Insurance

Jewellery and watches are often the most vulnerable of your belongings and their exposure to theft, accidental damage or loss is great. Having peace of mind that your valuables are covered by our private client insurance in the event of such a loss is an important consideration.

Private Medical Insurance

Many people protect their possessions but forget to protect themselves – possibly the most important insurance policy there is. Taking out private medical insurance gives you peace of mind should the worst happen, and more importantly that you and your family are in the safest hands.