Dealers Insurance: An Introduction

Whether you are a dealer or collector in art, coins, military, metals or stamps – bespoke heritage insurance can be tailored to suit your requirements.

While sentimental and emotional attachment can’t be safeguarded, financial protection certainly can. Dealers insurance will give you peace of mind that your collections are protected against risks such as damage, loss and theft.

Antique Dealers Insurance

Dealers insurance should be as unique as the antiques you sell. Whether you own a shop, hire a cabinet, work from home or attend fairs and exhibitions, dealers insurance is customised to your specific needs. Cover can be provided for your stock, in addition to when you exhibit at fairs in the UK and overseas.

Art Dealers

If you specialise in buying and/or selling art – old master paintings or contemporary art, you’ll want to ensure that you have the right dealers insurance in place. Art dealers insurance provides cover for your art when you exhibit at shows, shoplifting and depreciation in value following restoration in the event of a loss.

Auctioneers Insurance

Auctioneers Insurance can protect auctioneers, auction houses and auction rooms with cover for all kinds of antiques and art. Our specialist auctioneers insurance provides cover for rare and unique items, custody and control and can also insure the buildings you operate in, including transit and third-party premises.

Coin Dealers Insurance

As a coin dealer, you will want to ensure that your coin collection is properly insured. Coin dealers insurance can be tailored to the needs of coin, numismatic, trader or collector dealers. Cover can include the costs of liability, business interruption, fairs and exhibitions and even for items away from the premises such as postal sending.

Military/Medal Dealers Insurance

If you are a dealer, trader or collector that specialises in medals or other military collectables, you will need specialist military dealers insurance to ensure you are properly covered. As well as cover for buildings, contents and stock, public and employer’s liability insurance, business interruption, fairs and exhibition and goods in transit cover can be provided.

Stamp Dealers Insurance

Stamp dealers insurance is tailored to the needs of a dealer, trader or collector specialising in stamps or other philatelic-related items. Many standard home and contents insurance policies may only provide basic cover for collections, so it’s important that you get sufficient stamp dealers insurance that’s bespoke to you.