Cyber risks for UK charity businesses

Cyber attacks can happen to any business in the UK, it’s vital that your charity organisation is protected against all physical and digital risks. Imagine if someone hacked into your charity website, social media accounts, or computers - could this affect your reputation or business? 

Protect your business with bespoke insurance policies sourced by Alan & Thomas, we have over 43 years of experience helping charities across the UK. In the 2018 Institute of Risk Management’s Charities SIG ‘Top Risks Survey’, cyber risk was voted number one. This shows that people are aware that they need to be protected against this threat, but what exactly would the implications be?

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How could a cyber risk affect my business? 

A cyber risk might seem unlikely for a charity organisation, but hackers aren't picky when it comes to illegally gaining important information. Every business must take the necessary precautions to protect their livelihood, this isn't just subjected to your physical shop or building, this also includes your digital presence. The nonprofit sector isn't as prepared against cyber attacks as it should be.

In January 2017, a US healthcare charity called Little Red Door received an email from hackers wanting a $43,000 bitcoin ransom, in exchange for the charity’s client information that the hackers had blocked. The business temporarily was interrupted by this cyber threat and had to spend a long time regaining their client information, which could have been avoided if they had implemented the right cover and insurance.

What charity insurance policies would cover me? 

  • Crime Insurance 
  • Cyber Liability Insurance 
  • Computers Insurance 
  • Privacy Liability Insurance

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