Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak and Your Travel Insurance

You will have seen the recent news regarding the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China with the situation changing quickly across the world. Many other countries have recorded cases of the Coronavirus but at this point in time, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is advising against all travel to Wuhan and Hubei Province and all but essential travel to other parts of mainland China.

In addition to this, last week, the FCO advised people who can leave China to do so.

There may be special arrangements made by the UK or your local Government to assist people leaving China and travellers should keep abreast of any news and developments. When leaving China, you may be required to undergo additional health checks and when you have returned to the UK or your home country, you may be required to undergo a period of isolation or similar quarantine which will be arranged by the local authorities.

Travel Insurance Cover

If you have a travel insurance policy, this usually covers medical expenses while travelling as well as cancellation, curtailment and/or rearrangement costs for travellers.

It's really important to note that most travel insurance providers will not provide cover for any trips booked to the specific areas mentioned in the FCO travel advice if they were booked after the guidance was published. With some insurers, even if the trip was booked ahead of the guidance being published, the insurer will pay for cancellation costs but will not cover you if you still decide to go on the trip. 

Planning for Future Trips

You may wish to wait before making any future bookings to regions impacted by the Coronavirus until the authorities and advisory bodies deem it safe to travel there again.

Business Travel Insurance

This is one of the most popular policies we can arrange for our commercial clients. Not only does it provide cover for you and any employees you might have when travelling for business purposes, but it also covers Director's personal leisure trips, extending to include their families.

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