Charity fundraising ideas for your business

Businesses around the world choose a charity or two each year to support and raise money for, but thinking of ways to raise the money can be tricky! 

Our charity insurance specialists are well versed in the events held by various charities and have put together a list of simple ways your business can raise money for your chosen charity.

Charity bake sale
A well-known way to raise money for charity is to hold a bake sale. Whilst perhaps not the most inventive fundraising method, everybody loves cake so you’re sure to raise a great amount!

Fancy dress
Lighten the mood a little in your office and hold a fancy dress day! Whether you choose a specific theme or allow your team to dress up however they wish, simply enforce a small fee for taking part and watch as you charity funds build up!

Hold a competition
From sweepstakes to ‘guess how many marbles in the jar’, there’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get people excited in the office – charge your team a charity fee to enter to guarantee a great charity turn-out as well as a bit of fun for your workforce.

Team-building days
Whether you choose to run in a local race or join forces on an obstacle course, sponsored team building days are a great way to bring the team together as well as raising funds for your charity of choice.