Barclays is encouraging children to know more about charity

Barclays, one of the largest banks in the UK and in over 40 countries, has released a new campaign to encourage children to know more about charity donations. The famous bank has launched a new guide to understanding philanthropy, which aims to encourage families to have more discussions about charitable raising and giving. 

The Barclays guide is called ‘Future giving: engaging the next generation’, and it shows information from recent studies gathering insight from more than 2,000 people living in the UK, and 300 worldwide charities. 73% of charities have reported a decline in street donations, which isn't promising. Barclays believes that charities’ decline in donations is correlated to a lack of understanding from the younger demographic of 5-25.

Emma Turner who is head of Barclays Private Bank Philanthropy Service states, “It’s never too early to start a conservation with your family about giving to charity. The conversation you have needs to match your children’s age and you should tailor your conversation according to what they can understand. It’s great to start this early as thinking about these things can help widen their horizons, help them develop a social conscience and learn the value of money.”

Although not all young adults should be tied in the notion of not being very charitable. Results from Barclay’s report ‘The future of giving: How our donation habits are changing, and what charities can do about it’ found 55 per cent of young adults are more likely to donate then they were 3 years ago. It also showed that on average those aged 35 to 54 years old give £265 a year, while those aged 55 and over donate over £168.