86-year-old man raises $400,000 for charity

An 86-year-old man has raised $400,000 (£320,100) and has donated the entire sum to a charity that helps children in need.

Johnny Jennings, who originally started a recycling project as a way to bond with his son has managed to raise $400,000 (£320,100) and has donated the entire sum to a charity that helped children in need.

Jennings said: "It's more a blessing to give than to receive."

The generous donor began his recycling project in 1985, as a hobby he could enjoy with his son, who was 17-years-old at the time. Together the pair collected and sold recyclable paper such as magazines and newspapers or metal cans and then deposited their earnings to a savings account.

After 32 years of recycling, the father and son's savings began to add up, with Jennings recycling over 9 million pounds of paper and as a result, collecting over $400,000 in savings.

In May 2016 Johnny Jennings, the father, donated the entire $400,000 to a charity local to his family home, the Georgia Baptist Children's Home & Family Ministries.
Even after donating such a huge sum of money, Mr Jennings plans to continue his recycling efforts in a bid to raise even more money for charity, stating that he will continue "until the undertaker turns my toes up".