5 Ways you can 'do your bit' over the festive season

Our charity insurance experts give their top tips for being more generous this Christmas

Christmas is a time for community spirit and looking after one another: with this in mind, there aren’t many better times to get involved with a cause or a campaign that can help make someone’s festive period. Read on for our charity insurance experts’ advice on how you can give more than just presents this year.

Help a food bank

Foodbanks are in need of donations all year round, but Christmas is especially busy for those that need our help. Search online for foodbanks near you, find their drop-off points and give what you can: most of us won’t get through the mountains of food that we prepare, so it’s satisfying to share it around.

Buy cards from charity shops

Every year, Britain sends millions of cards to their loved ones. However, you can also help those less fortunate than yourself by buying charity cards or buying them from charity shops. If you’re buying cards anyway, this is just a simple thing you can do to help a good cause.

From guide dogs to endangered species there are so many charities that need your help all year round. If someone in your life loves animals though, why not sponsor a cause for them this Christmas? Whether you’re donating money to a labrador or a lion, charities will likely send you progress packs and perhaps calendars and cuddly toys. Sponsorship packs can make perfect presents that last all year round.

Get involved in campaigns

There are so many charity campaigns that you can participate in this Christmas. From creating food hampers for families in need to inviting in an elderly person for Christmas dinner, there are so many ways to be charitable and spread Christmas cheer at the same time. Check out local charities for ideas.

Christmas is a time for giving, but really the most precious thing you can give to anyone is your time. This goes for charities too: lending a hand at a homeless shelter or becoming a volunteer at a community centre can actually make a difference to someone’s Christmas. It’s a cliché, but sometimes giving is far more rewarding than receiving.