5 Reasons to Invest in Tradesman Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important aspects of any business but for tradesmen, there are all kinds of cover that you should be aware of. With the risk of accident, damage and even legal action, tradesmen need protection against different eventualities.

Choose bespoke insurance tailored to the needs of your trade, with our guide of how to cover your business.

1. Property damage

Public liability insurance is one of the most popular forms of insurance for so many businesses. For tradesmen, it can protect you in the event of property damage at the fault of your business, so it’s a handy cover to have.

2. Personal accidents

Personal accidents often happen at work, especially when you work in a manual environment. Personal accident insurance can cover you against serious injury and potentially death, helping to pay for loss of income.

3. Tool insurance

Should your tools be damaged, break, or even be stolen, it makes it very hard for you to do your job. Tool insurance is something that can cover you in this scenario: from landscape gardeners to tree surgeons, you don’t want to be turning down work because you don’t have the correct tools. You can also get plant and machinery insurance, whether you own it or hire it.

Any business can be sued, for any number of reasons. Legal protection insurance can be added to your business plan to cover the cost of legal action, and to somewhat compensate you for any time you need to spend out of work to deal with the case.

5. Buildings cover

Business buildings cover can protect the premises from which you work from, including fixtures and fittings. On top of that, equipment insurance is helpful for protecting whatever kinds of equipment you may keep back at the office, such as computers.