4 top tips for encouraging charity fundraising

Our charity insurance team share their top tips for engaging old and new fundraisers alike.

Keeping fundraising constant is what makes a charity tick over, and there are plenty of ways that you can ensure fundraisers keep coming back to your cause. Check out our charity insurance team's top tips for how to encourage fundraising and engage people interested in donating.

Engage the core

Every charity has its biggest supporters: most people are loyal to the charities closest to their heart, so it’s a good idea to repay that and breed a community spirit. Asking for help from the closest supporters of a charity is the quickest way to get good engagement and encourage fundraising: these are the people most likely to help, of course.

Reach out to the forgotten

Whilst it’s imperative to keep your closest supporters close, don’t forget those who have donated in the past! If someone has donated money in the past, there’s a good chance that they will do again, so coming up with ideas to get them on board can be a valuable pursuit.

Be information heavy

The key to any charity is to communicate the key messages loudly and clearly. Tell the audience your values through stories and strong messages. If no one knows what your charity is for, then no one’s going to get on board!

Devise some fun initiatives

Ultimately, people raise money because it makes them feel good about themselves. So why not make your community feel like a fun place itself? Fundraising leaderboards and exciting events can help to keep it light and involve both old and new faces.