4 Things you might not know about agricultural insurance

Our insurance experts discuss your farm’s coverage and what you need from your policy

Agricultural and farm insurance policies are vital to know about, whether you farm as a hobby or you’re a professional. With so many options, it’s important to find a policy that’s suited to your needs. We asked our farm insurance experts about what you should expect from your policy.

Your homeowner’s policy can cover some farming activities

Some farmers simply treat farming as a hobby that they never intend to turn into a professional venture. For these farmers, a standard homeowner insurance policy can cover some of these activities. Generally, though, these policies exclude farm equipment.

You need a farm owner’s policy if you’re a full-time farmer

A basic farm owner’s policy will generally include property and liability coverage, but should you wish to take your hobby full-time, farm owner’s insurance is vital. You can tailor this policy depending on what you need it for, to ensure you’re getting everything you need from your insurance.

You’ll need livestock coverage

Livestock insurance is required for your farm. Whether you choose individual or blanket coverage, it’s important to keep in mind how many animals you have and which ones need insuring, especially if some are more valuable than others.

Farm insurance coverage isn’t standard

Farm insurance doesn’t really have predetermined coverages. Each farm insurance policy is completely different, meaning that there is no standard policy. At Alan & Thomas, we can tailor your agricultural insurance to your needs exactly and add whatever you require to your policy.