Hospitality Insurance FAQs

At Alan & Thomas, we pride ourselves on finding the best insurance policy whatever your industry. We understand the challenges that occur in the hospitality and leisure industries, so we will make sure you are covered for all eventualities. Whether you need restaurants insurance or if you’re a hotelier, we can support you throughout the process.

We have answered a few frequently asked questions below. So, you can feel reassured before finding your hospitality and leisure insurance policy.

What is hospitality insurance?

Hospitality insurance is a policy that is created to protect businesses in the hospitality industry should someone need to make a claim. This can incorporate a number of covers. For example, employers’ liability, stock and contents, loss of license, and personal effects of guests.

Whatever your hospitality business, you will want to be reassured that you are covered for all eventualities. At Alan & Thomas, we can support you in getting a high level of cover for your property, stock and staff for a fair price.

What type of insurance is needed for outside catering?

The most important type of insurance you need if you are an outdoor caterer is public/product liability insurance. You will also need employers’ liability if you hire people for your business.

These insurance covers will protect you if a customer gets ill from eating your food or an injury is caused by equipment used by your business. Employers’ liability is a legal requirement if you hire people for your business and will be a major part of your catering insurance policy. If you’re not sure what else you might need cover for, feel free to chat to our expert team and we will be happy to help.

What insurance do you need for a catering business?

There types of catering insurance that you will need for your business include tools/equipment cover, public liability, and personal accident.

Catering insurance can be complex due to the various risks to your customers and yourself. When serving food, you want to be reassured that you have cover should anyone become ill. Otherwise, the legal fees could be overwhelming.

What type of insurance should I get as a leisure business owner?

As a leisure business owner, you should make sure you have professional liability and part of our leisure insurance cover. This is there to protect you from negligence claims. We also strongly recommend that you get business interruption cover. If your business closes unexpectedly, you will have income protection.

The leisure industry has had some very difficult times in recent years. Which is why, we can support you far beyond you signing up for an insurance policy. We can support you with risk management plans and any claims made against you.

What types of insurance needed to run a café?

To run a café, you will need buildings and contents insurance. We also recommend stock cover and product liability. This ensures that you are covered if someone unexpectedly gets ill after eating at your café.

It is important to remember that if you hire anyone for your business that you will need employers’ liability by law. This protects you if an employee gets injured during work hours and they make a claim. Catering insurance, in addition to your standard buildings and contents, is vital to keeping your business running. If you have any questions, speak to our expert team for advice.

What insurances do I need for my bar?

If you are running a bar or pub it is vital that you have public liability insurance. This will protect you in the event of an injury or if your property encounters damage.

We understand that pubs and bars can become overwhelming during evenings and weekends, which is why bar insurance is so important for you to be protected from all eventualities. You should also take out stock cover. This will help should any of it deteriorate unexpectedly, or if it is affected by a long period of closure.

What insurance will I need for a restaurant?

Legally, the most important restaurants insurance you need is employers’ liability. This protects you if one of your employee’s is injured at work. You should also get product liability and equipment cover so that you don’t have to pay for expensive legal fees or machine replacement.

In the last few years, there has been a lot of challenges faced by the leisure insurance sector. At Alan & Thomas, we understand how important this recovery time is, which is why we want to help you with comprehensive cover for your restaurant. So, if an employee is injured or something in your kitchen breaks, you are supported.

What kind of insurance does a hotel need?

As part of your hotel insurance, we recommend buildings insurance, public liability, employers’ liability, and equipment breakdown.

Hotel insurance covers a wide range of insurance policies because of the nature of the industry. As a hotel owner you will likely have lots of employees and guests, any of which could make a claim against you if something goes wrong.

To discuss your hospitality insurance or leisure insurance options, contact us today. Our team are always on hand with the latest industry news and professional advice. Call 01202 754 900 or email