Builders and Construction Insurance FAQs

At Alan & Thomas, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are covered no matter the complexities of your industry.

Our builders’ insurance doesn’t stop at public liability. We offer bespoke policies that can cover your tools and vehicles, making sure that you are protected in all circumstances. You may have some questions on construction insurance, which is why we have put together some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding the topic. Read on below to learn more about what you should know before taking out a construction or builders’ insurance policy.

What insurance should my builder have?

Your builder should always have public liability insurance for construction. This will protect them if injuries or damage is caused by their work. However, they will also benefit from employer’s liability and other tradesman insurance.

If your builder is directly involved with the design work on your build then they may also want to consider Professional Indemnity Insurance. This will protect them if there is a fault in the design later down the line.

What is builders’ liability insurance?

Builders’ liability insurance is a policy that protects builders and contractors in the event of injury, theft, and property damage. It ensures that you can cover any fees that may occur if an unfortunate event happens during a build. It may also protect you for several months afterward.

This form of builders’ insurance is the most important part of your policy. Should anything go wrong, it could cost you thousands of pounds if you are not protected. If you have a large team, you will also want to consider Employers’ Liability insurance. Those who are the main contractor will be liable for any injuries to builders on site.

Do builders have to have insurance?

It is not a legal requirement for builders to have insurance. However, it is strongly recommended because of the nature of the work. Many things can go wrong on a building site so public liability insurance for contractors is the minimum level of cover builders should have.

Many customers will ask for proof of insurance documents and cover, so that they can be reassured that your business is reputable. As with many other commercial insurance policies, construction insurance comprises of several elements of cover. This can be anything from Employer’s Insurance to cover for tools and equipment.

What does public liability insurance cover for builders?

Public liability insurance for contractors covers you if there are damages, injuries, medical expenses, or legal fees that may occur if you are responsible for damage, injuries, or death on your site.

This is an important cover to have, because of the high risks associated with being on a building site. If you want to protect your equipment, then you will need to add this to your policy. At Alan & Thomas, we are happy to discuss your business needs and find you the best policy for the best price.

What is builders’ insurance?

Builders’ insurance is a policy that will protect you against legal fees and other complications should an accident or damage occur to your site. This typically comes in the form of public liability insurance for construction. There are also extra policies such as professional indemnity.

Builders’ Insurance can be made bespoke to your business, so you can decide whether to cover your tools or vehicles, as well as any injuries that your employees might sustain.

Can you insure a house under construction?

You can insure a house under construction using self-build insurance. This will protect you and your builders during the building of your new home. This construction insurance is vital to protecting your financial asset.

Self-build insurance will need to cover public liability insurance for construction as well as contract works insurance. The latter will cover the potential cost of repairing any part of the build that is damaged.

Do I need homeowners’ insurance during construction?

Yes, homeowners’ insurance should be taken out during construction. It is highly recommended that you get a self-build construction insurance policy. You will only need buildings and contents insurance once this is complete. 

It’s important to know that you will only need this if you are leading and commissioning the build. At Alan & Thomas, we can discuss your needs and work out what elements your policy will require. All to make sure that you stay in your budget and don’t have to pay extra costs unless necessary!

What is a builders’ risk policy?

A builders’ risk policy in an insurance cover that protects you should material and equipment relating to a build be damaged in a non-severe weather event, fire, or even due to vandalism.

In terms of construction insurance, a builders’ risk policy will be the most helpful to you when something out of your control happens. For example, if freezing rain damages the lumbar on-site, you won’t have to pay for the replacement if you have adequate builder’s risk.

What is course of construction insurance?

Course of construction insurance protects your materials, build, and equipment in an event that is out of your control, such as weather-related events or vandalism.

This is also known as builders’ risk insurance and will form a vital part of your whole builders’ insurance policy. It will pay for repairs and damages that are caused so that you don’t lose too much money should you need to make a claim.

Can a builder get insurance for his labourer?

If you hire labourers for your construction company, it is a legal requirement for you to have Employers’ Liability. This will protect the company should one of your labourers become injured or worse.

Using this alongside public liability insurance for contractors will help you be safe in the knowledge that your company is protected from a number of events that may happen to your employees. If you want to go further and protect your tools and equipment, you will need to add this to your policy. Our team at Alan & Thomas are experts in commercial insurance, and will be happy to help organise your policy to suit you.

Do construction managers need professional liability insurance?

It is vital for construction managers to have professional liability insurance because. This will protect you if your employees or members of the public have an accident on site.

As well as employers’ liability and public liability, you may also need to consider public indemnity insurance. This will protect you if there is a design fault later down the line that causes significant damage. For a full and complete policy, contact our expert team to discuss options.

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