Agriculture And Farming Insurance FAQs

As chartered insurance brokers, our team at Alan & Thomas have specialist knowledge in the agriculture insurance sector and can give you reliable advice on your business needs. We understand that agricultural and farming insurance policies can be complicated, which can be overwhelming when you are looking for yourself. We can take some of the pressure off you and ensure you have the best advice for your certain circumstances. If you have questions about farming insurance, read some of our FAQs below.

What is agricultural insurance?

Agriculture insurance keeps you protected if you have suffered a loss, whether it’s damaged property, livestock related or financial losses caused by an interruption to your business such as drought, fires, or flooding.

Agricultural insurance can come in many forms. This includes farm machinery insurance and grounds as well as insurance for employees of the farm. At Alan & Thomas, we have a specialist team based in the West Country who can help you put together a policy to cover your business.

What is farm insurance?

Farming insurance is put together for people who need to protect their grounds, farmhouse, buildings, livestock, machinery and liabilities. This will help you if there is an event that impacts your business significantly.

Having a bespoke policy will mean that you have every aspect of your business covered. We have a team of experts who are always on hand to talk to you regarding your business needs. From livestock insurance to tractor insurance, speak to us today and we’ll make sure you are covered.

What does farm insurance cover?

Farming insurance can cover many aspects of your business, from the grounds to the machinery that you use. You can also cover livestock and produce within your farm insurance policy.

Making sure your risks are identified and appropriate cover is arranged is vital to protecting your business. For example, there may be an event that is out of your control, such as flooding or machinery breakdown. There are many areas within agricultural insurance and we highly recommend you include policies such as business interruption and public and product liability. This will protect you when you have a loss of income or in the unlikely event that there is an injury to the public when you provide a product.

Does agricultural land need to be insured?

Your agricultural land itself doesn’t legally need to be insured but we highly recommend getting a policy to cover you in the event that a member of the public injures themselves on your farm or your land. Legally you might have to obtain other types of insurance such as employer’s liability or farm machinery insurance for vehicles you might drive on the road.

These insurance covers can be included in your agriculture insurance package. At Alan & Thomas, we are dedicated to ensuring you are well armed to protect your business. For more information, contact us by calling 01202 754900. You can also request a tailored agriculture insurance quote online.

How does agriculture insurance work?

Agricultural insurance works by protecting your business against events and that don’t quite go to plan. If you have to make a claim because of a fire or flood, or even if your tractor breaks down, then you can use your farm machinery insurance policy to cover the costs.

What is the meaning of agricultural insurance?

Agriculture insurance means that a farmer or business owner pays a premium to an insurance provider to transfer some of their business risk to the insurer. This essentially means that in the event of a financial loss, rather than paying for claims out of your own pocket, the insurer will pay to put you back in the position you would have been had the incident not occurred.

Each farming insurance policy is different. Therefore, the cost of your premium will vary depending on what you include and the size of your business. Like other insurance policies, this can be paid monthly or annually.

Who is eligible for crop insurance?

Typically, farmers who work with field crops such as wheat and corn are eligible for crop insurance. However, we recommend that whatever you grow, you speak to a specialist insurance broker to find out if you can be covered.

What are the types of agricultural insurance?

Agriculture insurance covers a broad spectrum of business areas. For example, you can get insurance for crops, livestock, property, vehicles and equipment. These are the primary areas of farming insurance, but we recommend covering other areas too.

Agricultural vehicle insurance is particularly important if you run a large farm. Damage to your combine harvesters or tractors can be expensive if you don’t have the adequate cover. Likewise, loss of crops due to drought or flooding is a detrimental problem to businesses. In these cases, crop insurance will be a vital aspect of your policy.

At Alan & Thomas, we understand that your farm is more than just your livelihood. Contact our team today to discuss your insurance options and to get a quote.

What is the importance of agricultural insurance?

Agriculture insurance is a vital part of your business. Without the proper cover in place, you could have a major financial loss if something happens out of your control.

For example, farming machinery is a very costly asset to your business, so having tractor insurance will protect you damage it. And farm machinery insurance like this could potentially save you thousands of pounds that you’d have to spend out of your own pocket.

If you are looking for a bespoke farming insurance quote, get in touch with our specialist advisors. Contact us today by calling 01202 754900, or by sending us an email at